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Congrats to 2019 NHSBCA Hall of Fame Inductees - Tom Beddow, Art Griffith, Eric Kibler and Scott Knight




Congratulations to Norman Walsh, Boston College HS (MA) On 2018 NHSBCA Hall of Fame Induction

Past NHSBCA Hall of Fame Inductees


NHSBCA Hall of Fame Committee


NHSBCA Hall of Fame Nomination Form (due by October 1st Of Voting Year)   


Criteria for NHSBCA Hall of Fame

1. Must have been a member of the BCA for a minimum of 12 years*
2. Must have been a High School Baseball Coach for a minimum of 25 years
3. Must have been a Head Varsity Baseball Coach for a minimum of 20 years – in rare cases, the committee may permit a non-coach to be considered
4. Must have a winning percentage over .500 as a Head Varsity Baseball Coach
5. Must have contributed to the NHSBCA in at least 2 of the following areas:
     a. Served on a NHSBCA Committee
     b. Been a clinician at a NHSBCA Convention
     c. Written and had published an article in a NHSBCA publication(s)
     d. Held an Office in the NHSBCA Organization
     e. Contributed in some very significant way (other than points a-c) which must be approved unanimously by the Committee
6. Must be in Good Standing with the NHSBCA Organization
     a. Be a present member of NHSBCA
     b. Be active in NHSBCA in the recent ten years
     c. Have attended recent conventions regularly
7. Must be nominated and proper forms sent to Hall of Fame Chairman by October 1st. No one will be automatically put into NHSBCA Hall of Fame without proper paperwork submitted.
8. While no minimum age is required, it is suggested that 55 is a good guideline.
9. While no official background check is required, the Chair should contact someone from the nominee’s State Association and School for a
10. If after 3 years of not being selected, a nominee’s name will be withdrawn until the name is submitted again
*Deceased coaches before 2001, the committee will make special consideration
Method of Selecting Inductees:
1. After collecting the list of nominations, background checks will be completed by committee members.
2. Attendance at NHSBCA Convention(s) will be considered.
3. From the list of acceptable candidates, each member of the committee will rank nominees 1 to X (where X nominations with the highest number being the first
4. These rankings will be sent and tabulated by the committee chair.
5. Tabulations will then be returned to the committee members.
6. The nominees will be voted on by the committee members at the next convention. The committee will select a maximum of four coaches to be inducted the
following year in order of their ranking.
     A. A nominee must be among the top four vote-getters.
     B. A nominee must be listed among top 5 on at least 4 of 7 ballots
7. Nominations will be in the NHSBCA Office by August 1st of a given year.
8. There is a special category for a possible additional inductee for someone who is not a coach and does not meet the need of the normal criteria. This could be an
injured or deceased person, or as a "Jerry and Elaine Miles" situation. To be considered under this special category the nominee must be a unanimous vote
from all seven voting numbers of the committee.
Inductees will have to pay their own expenses to get to the convention. The site where an induction ceremony will be held and the inductions will be the final part of Awards Dinner. Inductee’s guests will be responsible for their own cost of their dinner.