NHSBCA Dual Membership Registration No FeeForm For NHSBCA Database (Arizona-Delaware-Missouri Only)

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Currently you are serving in what capacity ? *
If you are a teacher, what is your discipline?
What other professional organizations are you a member/associate that provide professional liability insurance in the United States? *
Example: 100 wins 50 losses. We keep track of this for annual awards as long as your longevity as a member qualifies. Please make sure wins are first.
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For those paying by check, please send to:

National High School Baseball Coaches Association (NHSBCA)

PO Box 1038

Dublin, Ohio 43017


For those coaches or staff that are in need of a purchase order (PO), please send your inquiries to membership@baseballcoaches.org so one may be produced.

All application forms may be located in the TAB section of the NHSBCA Homepage. 

Membership 50.00 September 1- August 31st of any given year. (Example August 31, 2018- September 1, 2019)

Convention 50.00 November 29th-December 2nd Hilton at the Ballpark, St. Louis Missouri

To reserve a room(s) in St. Louis with Hilton at the Ball Park, please click the link provided. The NHSBCA Convention rate will be valid until November, 9th 2018


Hall of Fame Dinner 35.00 per person. 

For inquiries on membership; membership@baseballcoaches.org

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