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April 16, 2019

Hello Coaches,
We are now all in the heart of the spring baseball season and now is the best time to become a member of NHSBCA
The NHSBCA Ranking Committee has published its 2nd Top 25national ranking of the year.
We encourage each of you and you your assistants to continue to invest in your coaching career and to spread the word individually about the NHSBCA and all that it has to offer.
In order to take advantage of everything the NHSBCA has to offer it is important to join. Many of you and your staff qualify for being top head coaches and assistants coaches of the year. However, in order to get any NHSBCA coaching awards you must be a member of the NHSBCA
2019 Ranking Archive
March 1st- March 31st, 2019
April 1st-April 13th, 2019
April 14th-April 28th, 2019
Our NHSBCA Ranking Committee meets throughout the spring.  National ranking will be released after the following dates:
April 28th
May 5th
May 19th
June 2nd
June 9th if needed
NHSBCA Award Nomination Forms For 2019 Now Open
Must Be A NHSBCA Member To Receive This Award
Must Be A NHSBCA Member To Receive This Award
Must Be A NHSBCA Member To Receive This Award
How Coaches Can Positively Influence the College Recruiting Process
FieldLevel, the Athletic Network, and the National High School Baseball Coaches Association (NHSBCA) bring together baseball coaches from the college, club and high school levels to discuss the roles that coaches play in the college recruiting process. The NHSBCA would like to thank Coach Carbone (Retired Ohio University Coach), Coach Morgan (Retired Indiana University Coach), Dave Coggin (Retired MLB and Founder of Preparation Fitness Attitude) and Tim Saunders (NHSBCA Executive Director) for all their efforts on this wonderful project. If you have not checked out as a service for your recruiting needs, the NHSBCA highly recommends as a resource to help your athletes through the recruiting process.
Since we are launching our new Facebook page, we have posted a Blog question for our readers. This week we are posting two blogs on our new Facebook page.
Question #1 Situational Baseball, close game 1-3 situation less than two outs, right handed batter.
Question #2 There are more than 20 ways to score a runner from third base. Name 10!
On the recommendations of the NHSBCA Hall of Fame Committee, we have converted the Hall of Fame Application to be electronic. This link will be on the website under the Hall of Fame tabs. However, for your convenience, we have provided you with the link now. Please feel free to submit candidates that follow under the criteria for consideration. NHSBCA Hall of Fame Application Form IT IS NEVER TOO EARLY TO NOMINATE A CANDIDATE. You may also contact Craig Anderson (NHSBCA Hall of Fame Chair Craig Anderson )
Currently, we are looking for State Association or State Leadership contacts in the following States or Territories; Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska, Hawaii, Kansas, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Please send any or all contacts to Ty Whittaker.
Since the season has now started, please feel free to send us great information that you would like to publicize.
Best of luck with your season and we sincerely hope you have a great spring.
In baseball,
Tim Saunders
National High School Baseball Coaches Association Executive Director