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May 12, 2020

Message From Tim Saunders
NHSBCA Executive Director
Greetings Coach, 
This is Tim Saunders (Dublin-Coffman HS, Dublin, Ohio) Executive Director of the National High School Baseball Coaches Association (NHSBCA). As most of our states are beginning to open up and roll out phases of normalcy, we wanted to provide you with some baseball chatter this week with a few more podcasts. We are also excited to announce a new partnership with Figureitoutbaseball. Figure It Out Baseball: This is the best, most comprehensive online baseball resource in the world! Coaches are teaching all aspects of the game, both on and off the field. Find 450+ instructional videos, available for FREE to our NHSBCA subscribers/members. Check it out today:
The excitement of this edition does not end, and we are pleased to announce NHSBCA Pre-Season All American selections have been submitted by California, Colorado, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. We are currently awaiting other states to help in our selection process of NHSBCA All-Region and All-American teams.
In other great news, we have listened to our member feedback, and we are opening our 1st NHSBCA Gear Store for seven days, May 12th-19th. People can order from now until May 19th at midnight. Customers will order and pay online. Delivery should be expected in 2-2.5 weeks shipped directly to your home after the store closes. The link below also has a live inventory feed, so if a particular item is not available in a specific size/color, it will not be available to order.
Direct Link To NHSBCA Online Store:
Brian Thomas, our NHSBCA social media director, has had two outstanding podcast if you missed his social media updates. Click the recorded version below.
NHSBCA Hall of Famer Jerry Dawson
NHSBCA Hall of Famer Dave McDonald
NHSBCA Hall of Famer Tim Saunders NHSBCA Executive Director
Thank you to the following states for their submission, below are the individual links to the states. To make our annual NHSBCA All-Region and All-American selections. It is so essential that each state send along there NHSBCA Pre-Season All-American selections.
Please feel free to reach out to Tim Saunders or Ty Whittaker for any assistance.
The below link is a clickable map on our website; on all the state high school baseball organizations. We encourage you to be involved at the state and national levels. The NHSBCA believes strongly in our members belonging to their state high school baseball coaches associations.
If your state has questions or needs assistance, please email,
Today is a great time to join the nearly 3000 NHSBCA members. The NHSBCA is the only high school baseball organization that represents the high school baseball coach. Invest in yourself and your team, join today.
1 Million Dollar Personal Liability Coverage
Regional and National Coaching Awards
Coaching Victory and Coaching Year Awards
National Convention/Clinic
Leadership Opportunities In Ranking and All-Region/American Committees
I hope this email finds you well amidst the madness of the COVID-19 pandemic. My name is Annelise Sprau, and I am a rising fourth-year medical student at the University of Miami, and a former Varsity Swimmer at Ohio State University. 
I am reaching out because I am spearheading a research project with Dr. Seth Thaller and the Plastic Surgery Division at the University of Miami. We are interested in investigating field management of acute craniofacial trauma (ex: baseball to the face, collision at home plate resulting in facial fracture, etc), particularly on the baseball field. Specifically, we are hoping to evaluate the current methodology and comfort levels of sideline personnel (athletic trainers &/or team physicians) in managing these specific types of injuries. We are hoping to conduct this study at all levels of the game, from Little League and High School up to College and Professional. Our overarching suspicion is that, given the lack of a national standardized protocol for dealing with baseball-related facial trauma, we may be able to identify certain areas/levels of the game where we can target improvements and potentially propose a standardized assessment/treatment algorithm.
That being said, my research team and I were wondering if you might be willing to participate in our project by sharing our survey that we have created with members of the National High School Baseball Coaches Association? Your responses will be anonymous (the only identifier will be that they work at the high school level) and we will not be directly mentioning or referring to the NHSBCA any way without your explicit consent. We have had great responses from the MLB/Professional level and would love to get a good sample from the high school level as well, so the data can be effectively extrapolated and we can help to improve safety in the game. 
The link to the survey is below:
Thank you very much in advance for your consideration in participating in this project and please let me know if I can help facilitate or explain further in any way! 
 If you see any discrepancies in our committee guide, please send any corrections to
In Baseball,
Tim Saunders