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February 25, 2020

Message From Tim Saunders
NHSBCA Executive Director


Greetings Coach, 

 This is Tim Saunders (Dublin-Coffman HS, Dublin Ohio) Executive Director of the National High School Baseball Coaches Association (NHSBCA). We wanted to express our gratitude to our membership that informed us that our online membership link was down. Alas, we are up and running again. Please feel free to click the link below to take advantage of our online registration. If you choose to mail in, the registration form is on our website at

The NHSBCA reach is only as strong as our contact base, if you or your association would like to share any contacts so your membership can be informed, please send those contacts along,, and we will make sure they receive updates. As you know, investing in an NHSBCA Membership is an investment in yourself and the team. If you are currently a member, thank you. If not, please take a moment to join the only organization that supports high school baseball. Below you will see a few of the many benefits of being a member.


1 Million Dollar Personal Liability Coverage

Regional and National Coaching Awards

Coaching Victory and Coaching Year Awards

National Convention/Clinic

Leadership Opportunities In Ranking and All-Region/American Committees


State High School Baseball Association Contacts Clickable Map

 The above link is a clickable map on our website; on all the state high school baseball organizations. We encourage you to be involved at the state and national levels. The NHSBCA believes strongly in our members belonging to their state high school baseball coaches associations.

Reminder to all states and state high school baseball associations, deadline for all state entries is March, 15, 2020. If your state has questions or needs assistance please email,

The link below is the Pre-Season All-American clickable map:



Thank you to the following states for their submission, below is the individual links to the states.


The start of 2020 also kicks off our membership campaign. If you have not joined, now if the perfect time. The NHSBCA's benefit to high school coaches is numerous. If you look above, we have listed some key benefits of membership. Albeit, those are extremely important; our most important piece is that we are the only baseball association that strictly has the high school coach in mind.





NHSBCA Partnership with Baseball Rules in Black and White:

New DP/DH Rule Info & App Update

We highly recommend coaches check out the updated, well defined nine-player DP/DH rule information and the links toBRIBAW’s “Free App”. Baseball Rules in Black and White “Free App” is now available on Google & Apple app stores.

PO (E-Invoice)   For NHSBCA Staff Membership

If in need of a PO for staff, please request early, as it takes time for your local school districts to process a PO. Once a PO is asked for, it can be processed and sent electronically. Please include the email of the school or district accountant to expedite the processing.

Contact Ty Whittaker, If you would like us to send an e-invoice, you can make an electronic payment via a procurement card or credit card.

Lastly, we have put the finishing touches on the 2020 NHSBCA Committee Members. Please feel free to download the list.

If you are in search of a committee member please feel free to click the link below for contact information.


In Baseball,

Tim Saunders