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April 6, 2020

Message From Tim Saunders
NHSBCA Executive Director
Greetings Coach, 
This is Tim Saunders (Dublin-Coffman HS, Dublin, Ohio) Executive Director of the National High School Baseball Coaches Association (NHSBCA). As many of have inquired, yes we did produce a NHSBCA Pre-Season Ranking, we as yet, have not determined our course of action for any future rankings. However, I would be remiss if I did not thank the following committee members for their steadfast approach to our rankings.
The NHSBCA Ranking Committee Chairperson is led by Tony Cleveland (Bishop Watterson HS). Below you will see the NHSBCA Regional Chairs.
Tony Cleveland Ranking Committee Chair OH Bishop Watterson 
Steve Freker Region 1 New England MA Malden Catholic
Mark Gjormand Region 2 Mid Atlantic VA James Madison 
Ernie Padron Region 3 Southeast FL ASA College-N. Miami Campus 
Adam Arcuri Region 4 Upper Midwest OH Licking Valley 
Donald Gawreluk Region 5 Midwest MN Anonka 
Eric Forestier Region 6 Southern TX San Antonio Harlandale 
Tom Pletsch Region 7 Rocky Mountain NV Rancho 
Estavan Valencia Region 8 Pacific Coast CA Redlands 
Dave McDonald At Large GA The Lovett School 
Larry Watkins At Large MS Petal 
Carlos Collazo Editor Assistant B/A NC Baseball America 
Johnston Hobbs At Large NC Apex Friendship 
UPDATED 4-6-20
The below link is a clickable map on our website; on all the state high school baseball organizations. We encourage you to be involved at the state and national levels. The NHSBCA believes strongly in our members belonging to their state high school baseball coaches associations.
If your state has questions or needs assistance please email,
Thank you to the following states for their submission, below are the individual links to the states.
If your state is not listed above your state baseball association leadership team is currently working on sending those along. Please fee free to reach out to Tim Saunders or Ty Whittaker for any assistance.
Today is a great time to join the nearly 3000 NHSBCA members. The NHSBCA is the only high school baseball organization that represents the high school baseball coach. Invest in yourself and your team, join today.
1 Million Dollar Personal Liability Coverage
Regional and National Coaching Awards
Coaching Victory and Coaching Year Awards
National Convention/Clinic
Leadership Opportunities In Ranking and All-Region/American Committees
The legend: Coronavirus denies Lowery chance to coach 50th baseball season
Great Article on John Lowery NHSBCA Hall of Fame Member
NHSBCA Partnership with Baseball Rules in Black and White:
New DP/DH Rule Info & App Update
 We highly recommend coaches check out the updated, well defined nine-player DP/DH rule information and the links toBRIBAW 19;s 1c;Free App 1d;. Baseball Rules in Black and White 1c;Free App 1d; is now available on Google & Apple app stores.
PO (E-Invoice)
For NHSBCA Staff Membership
If in need of a PO for staff, please request early, as it takes time for your local school districts to process a PO. Once a PO is asked for, it can be processed and sent electronically. Please include the email of the school or district accountant to expedite the processing.
Contact Ty Whittaker, If you would like us to send an e-invoice, you can make an electronic payment via a procurement card or credit card.
Lastly, we have put the finishing touches on the 2020 NHSBCA Committee Members. Please feel free to download the list.
If you are in search of a committee member please feel free to click the link below for contact information.
In Baseball,
Tim Saunders