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The National High School Baseball Coaches Association (NHSBCA) was officially formed in July 1991, to provide services and recognition for baseball coaches and to help promote and represent high school baseball across this country. The current membership has coaches from every state sponsoring high school baseball.

In addition to publishing coaching instructional publications on our website, the NHSBCA selects and honor 8 Regional and a National Players of the Year, 8 All-Region and All-America teams, 8 Regional Assistant, 8 Head Coaches of the Year, as well as a National Coach of the Year. It also selects and honors 8 Regional Fields and a National Field of the Year.

The NHSBCA ranks teams nationally in Baseball America during the prep season and recognizes coaches for the number of victories achieved and for years of coaching service. We also have an NHSBCA Coaches Hall of Fame, honoring those coaches across the country who have served their profession and our association to the highest degree.

And, free to US coaching members: $1,000,000.00 liability insurance coverage, included in the $50.00 annual membership fee. Fees in Canada are $55 (in U.S. funds); Checks or money orders only. Download Membership form in the application section.

A national convention, featuring outstanding clinics, Awards/Hall of Fame dinner, trade show, Fellowship of Christian Athletes breakfast, is conducted the weekend following Thanksgiving. The 2019 NHSBCA Convention will be held in Columbus, Ohio.

The National High School Coaches Association is grateful for the sponsorship of several companies. Their support and commitment to the NHSBCA and amateur baseball are instrumental to the association providing several programs for its membership.

Whenever possible, the membership is encouraged to keep the following NHSBCA sponsors in mind when considering a choice of products:

Clell Wade Coaches Directory
Easton Sports
Louisville Slugger
Miller Net Company, Inc.
Regal Awards
USA Baseball