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Coaching and Associations Are About Relationships

by Tim Saunders NHSBCA Executive Director

The biggest thing in coaching is not necessarily the win and loss record, but the wonderful memories gained from the game, the players, the parents, the coaching staff, and the officials involved in the sport of baseball. In the end, it is relationships that are forged that count most. Building relationships are what keep coaches involved in this profession for a lifetime. The fraternal bond we share allows us to convey our knowledge of the game we love to future generations.


Your communication with people is what develops trust and friendships. Every good coach must be the leader and set the tone for the team, season, and organization. I try to be a high-energy person who earns respect through my actions on and off the field. It has been my mission to lead our organization by example, showing how effort can conquer uncertainty or doubt.


These efforts have not gone unnoticed nationally as the NHSBCA continues to grow. It is your belief in our mission for the NHSBCA that we have become an unstoppable force in the game of baseball. The parallels are similar to the ones we preach to our teams: you will find a group of people that like what you are doing and will jump on board to support you and work for you over the long haul. Respect is a two-way street and being upfront with people and staying positive in every situation is the key to building the relationships.


The NHSBCA, like my own team, are family, and like any family, we have a strong belief and support system that allows us to thrive and grow even in the most challenging situations. As coaches, we are often looked upon to wear many hats. We understand that there may be peaks and valleys, but there is strength in numbers. Having a plan for success is essential.


Organization in everything you do is the most crucial step because having a solid plan for teaching the sport and showing guidance and patience pays dividends in growth to the team or organization. We have all learned much more from our failures than our successes. Try to make a positive out of every negative and stay with your plan. As many of you already know your impact is not always immediately known. The same can be associated with our association. These incremental steps we are achieving don’t always get instant gratification. However, my hope is that you will continue to apply the same energy and philosophy to the NHSBCA, as you do to your team, so that our efforts will continue to yield benefits for future generations.